Hyun Ka Post-Doctoral Researcher


Dr. Ka is a Research Scientist in Human Engineering Research Laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh. He earned his PhD in rehabilitation science and technology from University of Pittsburgh, MS and BS in computer science from Yonsei University in South Korea. Before studying computer science and rehabilitation engineering, he worked as a licensed acupuncturist and oriental chiropractor in South Korea for five years. As a rehabilitation engineering scientist and senior level software engineer, he has extensive research and professional experience and considerable technical expertise that is directly relevant to the rehabilitation engineering research and advanced assistive technology development.

Dr. Ka’s main research interests are in developing computer vision- and wearable sensor-based intelligent control methods for assistive robot and smart wheelchair, Internet of Things (IoT) applications for rehabilitation, interface of technology for visually impaired populations (e.g., speech synthesis/recognition, screen reader, information accessibility, electronic Braille translation, and smart orientation and mobility aid), mobile health, and smart inclusive community living environment for people with disability and special needs. Dr. Ka has funding from VA, NIDILRR, and other agencies and is working on VA Center projects, including the Semi-Autonomous Control for Robot Manipulators project (Co-PI), the IOT-Enabled Home Assistance Project (Co-I) and the Robot for Car Transfer Assist/Loading project (Co-I).