Research Study Recruitment

Do you have a
Below the knee amputation?

Volunteers are needed for a research study

Functional Electrical Stimulation Use in Trans-Tibial Amputations:
A Pilot Study”

Project description: We are conducting a randomized study to look at the effects of functional electrical stimulation (FES) on the amputee’s residual limb. We are looking for ways to strengthen the residual limb, increase muscle mass and limb volume and decrease limb pain. We aim to demonstrate that providing three months of FES intervention will increase knee flexion/extension strength, increase volume of the residual limb and decrease chronic and phantom pain.

We will be asking people to wear the FES device at home and attend, in-person, a total of six sessions spread out over a 6 month time frame. The sessions will last up to 120 minutes each. At each session we will be asking people to complete a series of questionnaires, knee exercises and measurements of the residual limb. At the end of the study, should the study find the FES intervention is beneficial, we will offer the remaining people the same FES intervention. It will be optional per participant request.

Eligibility: You may be eligible to participate in this research study if you:

  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Have a unilateral trans-tibial amputation
  • Are a minimum of two years postoperative amputation
  • Have ever experienced chronic or phantom pain
  • Do not have a pacemaker

Participants will be compensated for their participation in this study.

To learn more about the study, please contact the study investigator
Sara Peterson at 412-383-6757.

University of Pittsburgh, Department of Rehabilitation, Science & Technology 6425 Penn Ave, Suite 403, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Principal Investigator: Alicia Koontz, PhD

Participation is voluntary and all information collected will be kept confidential.