Technology and Innovation for People with Disabilities

This program is not currently being offered. Interested candidates should apply for the REU program instead.

The Technology and Innovation for People with Disabilities (TIPeD) Program is a project-driven, team-based experiential learning program funded by National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Alliance (NCIIA) to support undergraduate students’ learning of entrepreneurship and innovation of technology for people with disabilities. Teams consist of students from the engineering, business and clinical disciplines and either a faculty or graduate student mentor. Teams spend ten weeks working on a technology innovation project in the area of the mentor’s interest, and are required to make substantial progress on the technology design, and generate a business and commercialization plan in the format of a SBIR proposal to develop start-ups to commercialize the products. Through involvement in these projects and lectures, students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship including design processes, intellectual property considerations, and business plans.

Interested students should contact Mary Goldberg at for more information.

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