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Just the Facts
As you might guess, there's very little guessing involved in what we do. In fact, assistive technology engineering requires a lot of, well, engineering - and that means math. Sometimes a LOT of math. Sometimes a whole whiteboard worth! 
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Human Engineering Research Overview

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ADA 25th Anniversary

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The Human Engineering Research Laboratories are a part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Center for Wheelchairs and Associated Rehabilitation Engineering.

Celebrating Over 20 Years!

Our Mission: 

To continuously improve the mobility and function of people with disabilities through advanced engineering in clinical research and medical rehabilitation.

Our Vision:

To create a world where all people with disabilities have unencumbered mobility and function so that they can fully participate in and contribute to society. 

Contact us:

VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
6425 Penn Avenue, Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Email: herl@shrs.pitt.edu
Phone: 412-822-3700
Fax: 412-822-3699

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